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Max Ghost render

Welcome to Burning Pixel Productions!
High quality graphics, animation and multimedia production for the digital world.

If you're interested in my production services please contact me at ron_dot_lussier_at_comcast_dot_net
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For a few years recently I was doing film effects work at The Orphanage
I contributed to the Visual FX for "The Day After Tomorrow", "Sin City", "Shark Boy and Lava Girl", and "Superman Returns"
and I have been taking  regular 2D and 3D pictures with my stereo rig of 2 Canon Digital Rebels.  

Gallery - Computer images and animation I've created since about 1992.

Photography - Photographs taken since about 2004, some 3Dstereo pictures.

3Dstereo Graphics.- 3D stereo computer graphics (view with red/cyan or red/blue glasses)

Animation page - currently has "HyperOlaf" and an old Walker character I had re-animated.

3D Studio Max - The product I use for most of my work.
This section (quite a few years old now) has a freeware Stereo image generating plug-in script for R3+ and few "mini-tutorials" for Max users.

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MP3.com shut down their servers a few years ago and started a new business model,
so my music is offline for now.  I'll hopefully get that back online eventually.  (Just added some Music here.)

The original MIDI files I've created and used here were set up for the SoundBlaster card. I've noticed they can sound pretty horrible with some cheaper sound cards.   Unfortunately, there is no standard for MIDI sounds on the web.  :-(  If you're hearing some horrendous clatter...  sorry about that.  Hopefully, I'll get some time to update the MIDI music here in the future.

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Web Tech

Vector Graphics:  I had done some experiments with a web technology called "Scalable Vector Graphics" a
few years ago, and have an entire "sub-website" built with it.

After spending some time with VML in 1999, I started experimenting with the new SVG abilities for the internet (Scalable Vector Graphics). Adobe has put out and now stopped further development on an SVG browser plug-in, I was extremely impressed with the language, but it hasn't caught on very quickly.

 If you want to take a look at this interesting future technology of the web and mobile devices, then click here for my SVG site.

Here are some various interesting web Links.

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