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Stereo 3D image creation for 3DS Max 3 and up

by Ron Lussier and Larry Minton

I'm quite proud of this program and it's design.
Though if you are doing professional 3D you would want to rig cameras and composite your work by hand.
If you use Max and like making 3Dstereo images you should definitely download it.

There are different versions of this software for Max2.5 and up
(versions for Max 3  and above have a new help system).

Max 3
<Download Max3 demo

- A fully functional version. Will create anaglyph, JPS (side by side),
     and interlaced output.
- Sort of beggarware. If you use it much,
     please consider compensating me for the work.

Known problems: QuickTime output doesn't work,
2 blank frames at the beginning of AVIs.

Max 4 and up
<Download version for Max v4 thru 2009

Fully functional freeware/beggarware version.
Should work with all 'higher' versions of 3ds Max.

Some of the writing-to-codecs problems should be fixed by Max4+.


Stereo Image galleries:

Anaglyph Collection 1

Anaglyph Collection 2



- Automatically selects camera in active viewport

 - Composites to color anaglyph, pair, interlaced & Above/Below

 - Adjustable offset placement for it's automatic compositing


This is a screen shot of Stereographer Max for Max 9.


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